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Colocation Services Internet Fiber

Market Post Tower San Jose, CA Internet Bandwidth and Colocation


Market Post Tower San Jose Location

Purchase Market Post Tower San Jose high quality Internet services at a specially low rate through #1 Colocation ServicesMarket Post Tower San Jose is located at 55 South Market, San Jose, CA 95113 and is a 289,965 square feet facility offering colocation space that is carrier-neutral.  This abundantly large building provides premier connectivity to the world's IP supercarriers.  Market Post Tower is home to Worldcom’s MAE-West.  Market Post Tower is considered one of the best telecom facilities in the Western United States.

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Market Post Tower is centrally located in downtown San Jose (55 S. Market) and is a significant gateway for all Silicon Valley data peering.  Market Post Tower San JoseAlmost all surrounding San Francisco Bay Area network access points and data centers connect to Market Post Tower.  The facility is much like a nexus for international data routing due to 70% of the Internet traffic from the Western United States and 40% of the world's Internet traffic passing through the building.  Market Post Tower provides services to many telecommunications companies, which consequently allows an unmatched opportunity for them to interconnect and have direct access to major carriers and service providers.  Tenants of the facility can bring their own fiber into the building or connect to existing fiber. There are three diverse points of entry currently, and plans to increase points of entry are being made.  The facility has a carrier-neutral "meet me" room on the 2nd floor, where cages and cabinets are offered. The purpose of this room is for the ability to cross-connect between carriers and customers within the building.  The state-of-the-art building supplies abundant power options, rooftop space, delivers an environmentally controlled climate, and has pre-designed riser and horizontal distribution systems that connect to customer cages, floors, and tenant spaces and then to the main distribution frame.  Advanced security measures have been implemented in the facility with an on-site security staff working 24/7.  Integrated closed circuit television and card access systems, which are monitored from the security post in the main lobby, are utilized around the clock.  The property is in the process of furthering its security with automated fire protection and life safety systems, featuring a fire sprinkler network with 24-hour monitoring. Furthermore, tenant systems will be tied into the building’s mainframe life safety alarm system.  

Another new asset of Market Post Tower is that CRG West completed a redundant fiber optic connection between the Market Post Tower Meet-Me-Room and the One Wilshire Meet-Me-Room.  Combining the world-class voice and data connectivity of One Wilshire with the world-class peering connectivity of Market Post Tower allows both of the buildings virtual connectivity with their Meet-Me-Rooms.  

Accommodating the specific needs of its telecommunications clientele as well as other enterprises heavily reliant on the Internet, Market Post Tower continues to be a leader in its industry.

About San Jose ( Market Post Tower Location )

San Jose is a hub of the globally known Silicon Valley, where its success in technology is leading us into the future.   Downtown San Jose accommodates business travelers as well as tourists with its world class hotels, restaurants, and shops. San Jose, CA ( 55 S. Market )

San Jose was founded in 1777 and is the oldest civil settlement in California.  The population in 2005 was 945,000 people.  San Jose is the 3rd largest city in California and the 10th largest city in the United States.  San Jose has a varied cultural and ethnic background.  27% of the population is Asian, 30% is Hispanic, and it is home to the largest Vietnamese community outside of Vietnam.  San Jose hosts cultural festivals and events throughout the year due its ethnic diversity.  

More than half of the adult population holds a college degree in San Jose.  Silicon Valley provides opportunities in technology and business that many residents of San Jose have benefited from, making San Jose the highest in disposable household income in the United States.  San Jose has 25 companies with over 1,000 employees each -- Adobe Systems, Cisco,  eBay, Hewlett-Packard, IBM, and Lockheed Martin to name a few.  

Along with business comes pleasure, and there are over 15 local and championship golf courses in the area.  For professional hockey enthusiasts, San Jose is home to the Sharks.  Northern California is popular for its wine and for those interested, 20 local wineries are available in the region for touring and tasting.  San Jose is proud that it offers numerous activities, events, opportunity, and culture.  It continues to grow in its wealth of diversity and technical expertise.

San Jose Address:

Market Post Tower San Jose 
55 South Market
San Jose, CA  95113

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Our San Jose Colocation Facility

  Our San Jose, CA Colocation Facility


Multiple partial or full, cabinet or cage plans. in Fremont

Our 42,000 Sq. Ft. Fremont, CA Colocation Facility


Power distribution units provide smooth clean power.

Our PDU's Provide Conditioned Power


NYC Telehouse 25 Broadway New York Colocation

25 Broadway NYC Colocation Facility


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